Another shot.

I still feel shitty about missing the release concert last night. Well well, stress does bad things with my brain. It's the only excuse I can come up with except being a bloody idiot. So maybe I'm a stressed out bloody idiot. Nevertheless, here is another shot of Malin from that shoot in the wheat field.

Tried it in black and white after hearing about my mate Roberts shoot with Anton Corbijn.
Corbijn who is one of the most respected photographers still up and about is always an
inspiration for us hacks. To say that Robban is an emerging photographer might be the
understatement of the day. Currently he holds 5 international awards, 4 Swedish pictures
of the year awards and he was named the rookie of the year at last years pic of the year
ceremony in Sweden. Furthermore, he's a really nice bloke at that!

A new album by the wonderful Malin Foxdal

At the end of the summer I got asked to shoot the cover and sleeve for the amazing singer Malin Foxdal's new album NattfjÀril. The album contains Malin's Swedish interpretations of songs by Gillian Welch. I haven't heard the final production but from the early takes I've heard it is going to be a great album.

Me and Malin spent some time in our native Dalarna trying to find that country western feeling fused with a big batch of Swedish countryside to match her music. I think we succeeded.

The only thing I regret right now is that I missed the release party in Stockholm tonight. I hope you all had a wonderful time those of you who managed to get there. And last but not least, Malin congratulations to you new album!!!


A wee bit of stress to start the new year

The last couple of weeks have been kinda busy. Busy in that sense that almost feels overwhelming or shall I say bordering on panic. The year ended and a new one started and I've got big plans for this year. In a few weeks I'm leaving for a two month trip to Asia and I've got a few things to sort out before that. One of the things I've got to sort out is finishing my degree (or diploma or whatever one wishes to call it). So my private life has suffered a bit the last weeks or so. Not good, but then when people who you really like send stuff like this to you, you know everything we'll be alright.


Singular Stories

When I feel that I'm not articulate enough or not poised to make the best argument I'm glad that there are those out there who are able to make it so much stronger and better than I ever could.

Listen to this talk from the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie as she makes the argument against the singular story so vividly and so strong. So cheers to duckrabbit and Ted for making me see this.

Then think of this when you go see the new James Cameron movie Avatar, thanks Stan B at Reciprocity Failure for picking up on this.