Digital frenzy in Tokyo

I'm in Japan and obviously one has to go a bit insane with all the hi-tech mojos that are available. Nevertheless, it seems like the prices here are just as steep as in Sweden without the added comfort of a world wide warranty. But what is good with a tech frenzied population is that the second hand market is quite impressive. Which turned out well for me and I managed to do a killing on a Ricoh GrD-II. So now I have a little snapshot camera and it's seriously fun to shoot with it! I've only shot about 50 images so far but I honestly think I'm falling in love with the point and shoot style of photography. All of a sudden I just snap away at what I see not bothering to much with framing and such. The result, well that's another question. I'm sure I'll start framing my shots a bit more when the novelty of the snapping wear off. The only thing that concerns me a tiny bit right now is the noise levels on this happy little snapper. Well, maybe I shouldn't worry to much but having been used to shooting full frame dslr's, not to mention the medium format and once in a while some 4x5" film I can't say I'm overly impressed with these nail-sized censors of the point and shoots. Well I guess one can not get it all, or maybe I'm just exposing like a complete ass? Anyone that uses one of these thingies that can give some advice on how to get the noise level down a bit? Seriously, not even on ISO 200 is it really acceptable...or maybe as I suggested it's down to the guy with the finger on the levels, rings and small buttons?!

Here are some of my first tests with a point and shoot ever. Cropped them square as well just for the heck of it.

who's smart and who's the pro?

Sorry japanese schoolgirl but you asked for it!

Umbrellas. Only one other place have I seen so many umbrellas and that's in San Sebastián.
There they steal them as fast as they can though. You can leave your wallet on the table and it
will still be there when you return from the bar but you umbrella will be long gone. Here in
Tokyo you place your umbrella outside the restaurant when you eat and it's still there when
you've finished your meal half an hour later. Wicked!

Go window shopping somewhere else!

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