More B/W???

I really ought to put together my portfolio for a portfolio review on thursday. Not editing and doing post on some old shots. But when I found the pic on the left on one of my hard drives, I couldn't really help myself. Funny thing though is that when I shot it I didn't like it much. I didn't think it matched Elias'music and style. So this is an outtake. I shot the photos for a school assignment and I got slaughtered on it. Now, two years later, it really start to match a tone that I feel has become slightly more present in Elias' music. I can hear him maturing through his music.

The picture to the right is even older. I've photographed him for some years now. Don't know if it will turn in to anything. Maybe it's just a few pics of a friend, maybe it'll be something bigger. I like it as it is right now which means that every once in a while I snap a few shots of my mate.

Elias is soon to come out with a new album. I'm looking forward to hearing it. Sadly I'll miss his release party since I'm about to head out on the road for a while. I'm Leaving Sweden on the 9th of February and it will be absolutely superb! I'll post more on that when the time comes.

On the left: Elias rehearsing in Stockholm with his bandthe wizzkids, early 2008.
On the right: Elias a few hours before a concert in Malmö, August 2007.

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