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Today is my last day as a photojournalist student. Tomorrow I'll be a freelancer a.k.a. unemployed. The last few weeks have been spent back at school pondering our education and our internships. Drawing conclusions on how the industry works, thinking of our place as photographers in society; our use, our miss-use, and our own abuse. After a morning that has had a lot to do with busses leaving way too early (I can't have been late can I?), yet another inoculation, closed shops and some quick thinking on how to dress up for our 50's party at school tonight, and finally the normal scanning of blogs I've found a few post that are worthwhile reading. Jim at (Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography linked to one of them: NY Times lensblog. Nothing new under the sun but always interesting to see some self reflectivity in the media, or at least at their blogs. And I must say that I start to like Christopher Andersson more and more. While he's not my favourite photographer I do respect his thinking a lot.

From one thing to another. Malin Foxdal's album Nattfjäril arrived in the mail yesterday. Not only does it sound amazing it looks rather nice as well, if I may say so myself.

Another thing that I've been busy with the last few days is putting together a portfolio. Not really happy about it. I feel I've come a long way since I started out but I've got lightyears to go. I still battle over how I want to represent myself. What type of photographer do I want to promote myself as? Anyway, I've got plenty of more thinking to do before I feel satisfied. Hopefully I'll be dead before I settle on anything, you know. No morbid "I'll die while shooting" or so, but wouldn't it be fantastic to go through life curious as hell and being open to all?!

Here is one photograph from last year that currently is the opening shot in the little thing I call portfolio:

Magnus Nilsson, CEO at Kolmården's Wildlife Park.

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